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FREE if Selected For Traditional Publishing
Or Else For Self Publishing
Plain Text Book - Rs.2,000 | Advanced Text Books - Rs.3,000


Self Publishing in India Cost

FREE if Selected For Traditional Publishing
Or Else For Self Publishing
Plain Text Book - Rs.2,000 | Advanced Text Books - Rs.3,000

Coralpub Publishing Provides you to self publish your book at most convenient way and to sell it worldwide to online selling sites. Coralpub Publishing provides you with all premium self publishing services, including interior designing, cover designing, printing and distribution. You have an option to publish eBook only at the first case and can upgrade to Print book anytime by paying a small amount of paperback upgradation. This is the reason how we are able to provide you with the best self publishing service at an unbelievable publishing cost.

What is Self Publishing ?

Self Publishing like Traditional publishing is an approach to publish the book and to let it available in the market. While traditional publishers takes it hard to get the books released and available in the market, self publishing is the best way to get book available and published easily. Coralpub Publishing is the division of The Educreation Publishing Group - ranked India’s Number 1 Publishing House for emerging authors and thus through experience and supervision of our parent organization we are able to provide you the best self publishing in india.

Print on Demand

Print on Demand as name suggest is methodology of printing limited stocks of books at the particular point of time and to extend the book distribution and further stock as soon as stock requirement is generated. Print on Demand is used by almost all self publishing companies in India as well as traditional authors also when they give chance to first time authors to publish their book. Coralpub Publishing books gets a benefit of printed on International Print Quality through our parent company Educreation Publishing’s printing plants located in partnership with Repro Knowledgecast Ltd. at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Why Self Publish?

To Self Publish book, the best way to do so is that you invest a little and first see its results to online market. With Coralpub Publishing we enable authors to firstly invest a very small cost and get their ebook released professionally. If anytime they need paperback version they can get the same by paying a small upgrade fees.

Book Publisher in India

Coralpub Publishing is the best book publisher in India that supports and provides book publishing for fiction, non-fiction, academic and poetry books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati, Telugu, Punjabi and other regional languages. We provide best book publishing service at most cost efficient point to all new authors to publish their books professionally.